The Concept

Why Choose Virtual Officing?

Reception 10.17.12


Many professionals can benefit from a shared office space arrangement. Paying for office space only when needed will significantly reduce your overhead.  The Santa Fe Suites was created to meet this need. The 3700 sq.ft one story southwestern office building is conveniently located in a small office park  southwest of I25 and 8th street. The attractive landscaping and ample parking provide a welcoming environment for meeting with clients, group meetings or conferences. The building was recently renovated to provide additional office and meeting space.

For those looking for a way to maintain a first class  professional office for meetings and work space, with a very reasonable overhead, the Santa Fe Suites may be a perfect fit. The Santa Fe Suites provides all modern amenities and a great location.

Santa Fe Suites - 985 Pico Point - Colorado Springs, CO - 80905 - 719.633.6620